Book to Speak

Most events rely on professional speakers – be it a keynote, a training seminar, a large convention, or even a small company meeting.

Having a good, well known speakers helps attract attendees to an event. But, having less known speakers, helps keep events fresh.

But as we are getting more and more connected through technology, mainly the internet, the disconnect between the speakers and the clients that hire them remains intact. Sure, there are speaker marketplaces that try to offer a way for speakers to get booked. But really, a Google search with a “contact me” page on your own website will do more good than a fancy “contact me” profile page.

One would ask us, why would you get into something that others have failed at? Recently, one such website ( shut its doors due to lack of revenue. They simply couldn’t monetize it. But, it’s not the idea that generates revenue. If it did, everyone would be rich and there would be no 99%.

What matters is the execution of the idea. Now that’s the money maker.

Our equation is simple:
[highlight color=yellow]((passion to help others + a good idea + execution + market needs) x education) x community[/highlight]

That’s our approach to business, period.

Welcome Book to Speak to the We ❤ Eventprofs family

We ❤ Eventprofs is our first line of products specifically designed to help make life easy and more profitable for event professionals. So we’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone, help speakers get booked and help event planners book the right speakers for their events.

We’re excited to introduce Book to Speak ( This is just a sneak preview of what is coming very soon. We wanted to get the word out, to tease you just a bit. Your feedback is key, and we will invite some of you to our early alpha in a few weeks to get an inside peek and offer your feedback. So do take a second to subscribe to be notified.

For Speakers

The speakers will absolutely love Book to Speak. We are developing every feature with speakers in mind, to increase bookings and make it easy to manage the whole process.

We start off with a rich public profile, giving speakers an opportunity to present themselves in the best way possible, with many tools at their disposal. We go beyond biography and experience, and pull together various mediums (images, videos, verified reviews, and other interactive elements). Every field will be searchable, to maximize relevancy of the search results.

You, and your clients, will absolutely love our booking engine. It will streamline booking not only for the speakers, but for the clients booking them. Here’s a scenario.

An event planner finds a speaker that’s right for the event, so they click on “Check availability” button. Instead of a boring contact form, that you usually get and want to shoot yourself over, you get a calendar with real-time availability. The speaker’s Google calendar is connected to the availability calendar, so the event planner has an idea when the speaker is available. It works both ways, bookings populate Google calendar and manual entries in Google calendar mark the time unavailable in the Book to Speak system. Eliminating friction during a booking process ensures that it is smooth and quick. Plus, it will save both parties a ton of time.

The other small, yet pretty awesome feature, is the one sheet exporting with various templates. Hit a button, pick a template, and bam! There’s a PDF waiting to be printed and handed out to your clients in person. We’ll make sure there will be a way to personalize it. Easy!

OK, I don’t want to spoil it in one post. Plus, I don’t think you want to read a novel. Do subscribe to our email list, we will be writing about our awesome, innovative features in more detail. I guarantee you will love every one of them.

So, let me jump in and mention a few benefits for our awesome event planners who book speakers for a living.

For Event Planners

We love our event planners, and try very hard to help them succeed with our education content. Now, we hope that Book to Speak will bring relief to the whole process of finding and booking speakers for events, as well as managing them after the booking.

One of our innovative features will be verified reviews of speakers, that you can take advantage and see if the speakers is the right fit for your event. I will talk about the science behind verified reviews in another post, to keep this one relatively short and sweet.

One of our long term goals is to offer you complete suite of speaker management tools all in one place. Once you book them, you’ll have all the necessary tools to manage them, including travel and hotel bookings without the need to email them the information as they will already have it in their inbox, marketing collateral for each speaker without going back to their profile to copy and paste the information. That’s so old school.

I wish I could just write a book about the awesome features we’ll be packing into the Book to Speak. But, nobody will read that. So, I’ll save it for another blog post in couple of days. I encourage you to subscribe to our email list to be notified not only about blog posts, but also when alpha will be ready for some play. It will be very soon!

Well folks, that’s the Book to Speak – Book. Speak. Profit. I do highly encourage you to join the email list to be notified of any updates, plus you can always leave a comment and we’ll get back to you right away.

So, let me pass the microphone to you for the Q&A. You know what to do, don’t be shy. It’s just a commenting form, not a Godzilla.